June 18th, 2009

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Recs - Vids, Star Trek

Some vids I've been enjoying recently:

Starlight by buffyann [dance movies]
Dancing is all they want.

An older vid I've stumbled on, it's probably some of the best straight-up kinetic editing I've seen to date.

DLZ by bop_radar [Sarah Connor Chronicles]
We are the Resistance.

This is dense and smart and I love it a whole lot, just like the show.

When I Ruled The World by di_br [Doctor Who]
I really wanted to make a vid comparing and contrasting both Doctors, showing just how much he's changed and yet how much of him still stayed intact. This is Ten looking back on his time as the Ninth Doctor, realizing how much he's changed since then and wondering if it was all for the better.

I like vids that remind me that I kind of like that Tenth Doctor guy really. Also, Nine!

Steady As She Goes by jesuit24 [Star Trek TOS]
Look out for dramatic!Kirk, Spock keeping his pimping hand strong, Bones drinking as well as some hideous alien villains.

*hearts* Rewatch people, we've got some treats in store! :D

... on the dance floor by sloanesomething

OMG. Hilarious, but also depressingly bang on. Too many misters, not enough sisters!

In honour of that last one, some Star Trek recs about chicks:

Oh Two Hundred by mekosuchinae [Uhura with a side of Spock/Uhura, teen]
"I'm working on it," she said, already thinking of how to explain transporter technology to someone who might not know what it was in a language she had thought dead not two hours ago.

[People with kinks for competency/languages/Uhura being awesome, you'll LOVE this.]

Whore by igrockspock [Gaila, teen]
Gaila hates the word 'whore.' Luckily, so does someone else.

A Brief History of Lt (j.g.) Gaila Aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701) by taraljc [Gaila, ensemble, PG]
Her first month aboard Enterprise, Gaila is put on Gamma Shift in Engineering.

The First Time by [info - personal]bravecows [OFCs, G]
"It's hard to believe we're in the same Starfleet, yeah."

Meta: Dear Winona Kirk by latropita

Art: Apple by irrel, a fantastic illustration for rheanna27's Lunch and Other Obscenities that I recced the other day. She also drew Stars, which is little!Spock and little!Uhura and SO CUTE OMG. <333