June 9th, 2009

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ST Rewatch & The Asian Women Carnival

This weekend's Star Trek Rewatch episode is going to be Where No Man Has Gone Before, and the consensus is that we should continue chronologically from here on out. If you have any questions or problems finding a way to watch the episode, let me know!

The 2nd Asian Women Carnival is now up courtesy of [info] - personaloyceter, on the theme of intra/inter/transnationalities.

I look forward to getting stuck into the above and all the other things I have bookmarked when I enter that blessed state known as the summer holiday come Thursday. \o/ Oh, I have so much fic to write. Bonus: my parents, long-resigned to my terminal geekitude, have agreed to celebrate the two decade anniversary of my entrance into the world by contributing to my heart's desire: better vidding software. Final Cut Express, soon you shall be mine, my pretty, soon. And then I will probably pass from vid farr into some kind of vidding coma while I try and teach myself how to use it in time to get a vid submitted for VVC.