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Quick Reminder
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The opinion-gathering poll for a Star Trek TOS rewatch shuts tomorrow! (To vote without a Dreamwidth account, quickly validate your LJ username here with OpenID.) Go to have your say on the structure, and particularly if you have a preference as to which episode we should kick off with. Tell your friends! I'll post the results and some more admin details tomorrow.

The Breath Before Our New Beginning -- the podfic by winkingstar
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Oh hey, this is cool! winkingstar has recorded a podfic of my Merlin story The Breath Before Our New Beginning.

File info and download information here. She's done a wonderful job, I really like it!

Also, for anyone bored and looking for inspiration on a Sunday, rudhampaiel is hosting a multi-fandom drabble meme. Fun! I'm going to go throw down some multi-fandom prompt action in a moment.