May 29th, 2009

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Torchwood, Doctor Who and Merlin news, Star Trek meta, and a poll re. ST:TOS rewatch fun

I am full of cold and thus good for nothing apart from drinking liquid fruit (I'd say juice, but that would be doing Innocent smoothies a real disservice, mmm), and clicking idly through fandom. Here, let me throw links at you!


Up and coming series news (lots of mild spoilers of the casting/press release/actor interview variety):

Regarding the new series of Torchwood, we have new trailers up (via James Moran) on the BBC UK and US sites. There's also (via lefaym) an interview in the Gay Times with John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd, complete with pictures for anyone who's into that sort of thing. *g*

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Regarding the new series of Doctor Who, (via half my flist) the new companion has been announced. Collapse )

And finally, regarding the new series of Merlin, the BBC has a press release with lots of casting news, and there are con reports flooding on. I feel that this post is particularly relevant to my interests (via [info] - personalheather11483). Collapse )


liviapenn wrote a really awesome meta post on Star Trek XI and Kirk, Spock, Bones & Uhura: the new OT4 that got me conceptualising dynamics in a whole new and fun way. My eyes are all heart-shaped at this fandom right now. I will probably put together a recs post of some of my absolute favourite Reboot stories in a week or two, but in the meantime you can find an ever-growing collection here on my delicious account.

Speaking of Star Trek. Your opinions, let me canvas them. It seems to me that lots and lots of us are getting very fannish about the new Trek without being familiar with TOS, or are familiar with TOS but have a desire to rewatch it. I have a vague notion of throwing up a post, say, once a week about a particular episode, and there can be picspam and summaries and parodies and fic and icons and discussions and recs, whatever people wanted. I'm leaning towards hosting it on my journal rather than creating a community, because I think that will make it easier for people to dip in and out as they wish. I'd also want to host it all on one journalling site, which makes sense for discussion, and that would probably be Dreamwidth (much longer comment limits, for one thing), and folks without Dreamwidth accounts could participate via OpenID -- though, if you're still after an account, there are invites all over the place right now, so I can definitely either give you one or source one out for you. Also, if people who didn't subscribe to me wanted to participate, they could do so by tracking my star trek rewatch tag, either on Dreamwidth or LJ.

If there's sufficient interest (to be honest, that can pretty much mean 'anyone apart from me') over the weekend, then I will announce the first episode on Monday, and throw up a discussion post next weekend.

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