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Make It Better Challenge
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[info]oxoniensis is hosting an impromptu 'make it better' challenge! Aw, clearly this is a great idea! Take A Sad Song And Make It Better, for giving canonically roughed-up characters a little TLC.

I have committed a little post-finale BSG ficlet to contribute to the festivities:
Brighter Lights
Laura, Kara ; PG ; 300 words ; spoilers for the finale

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Here we go again! Patricia C. Wrede's alt-history YA novel, where getting rid of those pesky indigenous North American peoples lets her do cool shit like write about mammoths. And white people. In any case, it's easier just to scrap them than to try and write them like people. Holy wow. See the comments in that first link for a reasonably heartening proportion of cluebat-wielding smart people to idiocy. Discussion being collated by [info]naraht here.

delux_vivens at deadbrowalking is putting out a call:

Let's make it really clear, people. If you identify as a POC/nonwhite person and you read or watch scifi or fantasy, give yourself a name check in this thread. I am particularly wanting shoutouts from people who do not live in the US and who have still managed to read genre fiction.

I'm tired of people trying to render us invisible unless they have been given a memo about our existences.