May 7th, 2009

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Recs [Harry Potter, Malory Towers]

The story for me got posted at springtime_gen! It is delightful!

Here Is No Place, by anonymous
Harry Potter ; Lily, James, Sirius ; PG
A housewarming party The Greatest Party Ever yields a quiet moment between friends.

Aw! This is absolutely lovely. Bantery and affection and the easy use of magic, but with an underlying sense of what's to come. A great read!

Also, omg, I am just so happy the fic below now exists:

Salt Water, by lefaym
Malory Towers ; Mary-Lou/Darrell ; PG
The taste of salt water always reminded Mary-Lou to be brave, even after all these years.

I'd barely thought about Malory Towers in years, but the first paragraph of this story was enough to bring it all rushing back. This makes fantastic use of a World War 2 setting to pick up again with Mary-Lou and Darrell, who are so perfectly in character. Gentle, real, and generally fabulous.