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Recs - Who, HP, Leverage
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Yeah, I think I'm just going to spam you all with other people's awesome fic this week, as that's how I'm procrastinating on my own submissions. Cool? Cool.

Doctor Who:
The Kleptomaniac Time Traveller's Club, by netgirl_y2k [Romana, Christina, G]
“A quick word of advice, if you ever find yourself travelling the universe with a kleptomaniac keep a close eye on any valuables.”

There's nothing in that header that is not fantastic, am I right? This is so much fun, and as I said to netgirl_y2k, a spin-off I totally want to watch.


A couple of things from lgbtfest:

Harry Potter:
Live Every Day, by mindabbles. [Alice/various, R]
There are all kinds of families. She knows that better than most. Sometimes it is love that ties them together, and sometimes it's comfort or needing each other. Sometimes it's music and stories shared around a fire.

I want to say all sorts of intelligent things about this story, but I haven't quite found the words yet. It's gorgeous, and a brilliant example of something that's completely canon-compliant but doesn't fit the standard backstory we assign these characters.


The Epiphany Job, by shrift. [Alec/Eliot, PG-13]
"When he rolled out of bed that afternoon, heated up some Philly Steak & Cheese Hot Pockets for breakfast, and then went to the office, Alec Hardison was not expecting to experience a paradigm shift."

The characterisation in this makes me wriggle with glee. \o/


You know, I'm pretty sure I had no intention whatsoever of getting into another fandom. I mean, I watched Leverage and loved it and everything, but the fic just had to go and be amazing, didn't it? Sigh. My life, so hard. *g*

(On that note - guys, seriously, watch Leverage. It's about hot thieves who steal things for Great Justice and it has teeeeam and multi-shipping and I am so in love with Parker and Eliot and Alec I can't even tell you.)


Moar Leverage recs:

Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady, by hackthis. [Parker/Maggie, Alec/Eliot, PG-13]
"I called her on her cell phone and said I thought her hair was shiny, and she smelled nice, and did she want to have dinner sometime?"

Working Without a Net, by facetofcathy. [Alec/Eliot, Adult]
When they're not off on a job, Eliot and Parker drop by a lot, and by some secret code or psychic connection or the alignment of the stars, usually at about the same time.

The Way to a Man's Heart, by merle_p. [Alec/Eliot, R]
(or: Five times Eliot Spencer cooked for Alec Hardison)

Courtship, by longsufferingly [Alec/Parker, PG]
He brings her flowers. No boy has ever brought her flowers before.

It's All So Clear to Me Now, by fools_game. [Alec/Eliot, Nate/Sophie, PG]
Parker sees more than some people think.


I need a Leverage icon.