April 21st, 2009

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In which I am extremely fond of everybody

Let it never be said I do not leap upon bandwagons. (How do you think I got into any of my fandoms in the first place?)

I would not be writing fiction at all were it not for the help and enthusiasm I received from the people who read my decidedly mediocre fanfic in my early days of fandom. I remain enormously grateful to those kind souls to this day, especially as some of them continue to put up with me now. *g*

Fandom has given me such a lot that the idea of expecting anything back from all of you is entirely bizarre. I post things because I hope that someone might find the content interesting, or happy-making, or enjoyable in any sense. If they take the time to hit reply and tell me so, that is a welcome and added bonus, and I'd hate to think that anyone ever felt obligated to drop me a single line. I'm thrilled to hear from anyone at any time, but I post in hope, not expectation.

I'm consistently delighted and honoured by the notion that someone would like to read my stories, or to link them to their friends, or to add me to their friendslist, and so on. I'm as pleased by my lurkers as I am by my serial commenters -- the fact that anyone might find something they like in the course of stopping by is the entirety of the reason why I'm here and posting in a public setting. I want to share, and to interact, not to receive. The span of people's lives and habits is far too diverse and complicated for me to impose any sort of standard or demand on any of you, and so all of the time that you give me, in any capacity, is much loved.
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LGBT Fest Recs!

I keep deciding that I will sit down and write out some recs for lgbtfest, but then my tabs keep multiplying as everyone keeps posting wonderful stuff. \o/ Clearly I'll be doing in this batches, here's the first lot. I've only had time to read the transgendered stuff so far, so here's ome of the things I've read there already and loved, on something of a theme:


Modern Love, by penknife
Discworld ensemble ; PG-13
It's amazing how the world rarely gets less complicated.

penknife takes on issues of queerness and gender presentation in the dwarf community and brings a thoroughly enjoyable story to life with her usual lightness of touch.

Iron Man

Walking in these Shoes, by redfiona99
Pepper/Tony ; PG ; spoilers for the film
Pepper Potts is the woman she'd always wanted to be. It's probably not all Tony's fault that her well-ordered life has just been blown to pieces. But it's definitely mostly his fault.

Not only is this a thoughtful and kick-ass study of Pepper, it also features explosions. That's all you really need to make me a happy reader.


Now You're a Man, by cho_malfoy
Dean ; PG ; spoilers for 4x01
Dean completed a journey in the body he was born with, but just because he's started a new journey doesn't mean he's likely to forget the last one.

I love Dean in this, I love the style, and I love the twist on the fourth season presented here: I know it's one I'd loved to have watched.

Turn The Page, by messageredacted
Sam/Dean ; NC-17 ; AU of the pilot
Sam hasn’t seen his sister in four years. A lot more has changed than he ever imagined.

Sam/Dean is not particularly my thing, but this is a very good story. The retelling of the pilot is very nicely done, and there's a lot of detail and pitch-perfect interaction here.


What He Should Have Been, by sunnyrea
Ianto, Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Jack ; PG-13
When Ianto was a little girl all he wanted was to be able to wear his father's suits. Now he does, but his family doesn't want anything to do with him.

This story's got a lot of heart to it, and it makes me smile. Oh, Ianto.

Also, not connected to the fest but nonetheless a great story - Little Sister by invisible_lift, a beautifully-written family history for Tosh.