April 3rd, 2009

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Recs + Dreamwidth

Merlin recs! (Totally biased: I beta'd one, the other was written for me. I love them both. :D)

A Terrible Cost by lorannah
Merlin ; Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Morgana, Nimueh ; PG-13
An alternate ending for Le Morte D'Arthur - basically based on the question of what would have happened if the other three members of the fantastic foursome had realised that Merlin was in danger and ridden out to the rescue...

It's entirely fitting for this canon that lots of excellent writers take parts of the story and rework and rewrite them. I really like lorannah's take on how the finale could have been. This makes excellent use of all of the cast and the theme at the heart of it is the idea that destiny is not written in the stone, that endings can be retold. The result is a very satisfying read of what might have been.

look for me under your boot-soles by glass_icarus
Merlin ; Merlin/Arthur ; PG
A thousand years later, Arthur finds Merlin again.

This is a lovely slice of future-fic - the recasting of each character really made me smile. The story's gorgeous, with images and references and quotations scattered throughout, and it veers between light-heartedness and grandeur in the best way.


Also, Dreamwidth! What gives? I only really heard about this today, and I've been reading up on it via this post and its links. It sounds shiny! My personal stance is that I am pro new, exciting things and places that would be good for fandom, but also anti leaving people behind. I think I'll be getting an account over there when I can and seeing how that goes. If there's content originating there that I'm interested in, I'll try and find a way to hang out on both sites, I suppose. What are the rest of you doing?