March 4th, 2009

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Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment on my last post, it is much appreciated. ♥


lgbtfest prompts are open for claiming. There are 1751 prompts in around 400 fandoms, eeee! penknife has a list of all the fandoms, and you can gets links to all the prompts, see available posting dates and claim your spot here. There are so, so many great prompts and this is all very exciting.


Art rec! ilthit illustrated my story Remember Me As A Time Of Day [Merlin; Gwen/Morgana]. You can see it here, and it's beautiful!

eta: Huh, that's weird, apparently linking to your own posts will earn you a visit from the pingback_bot - I'm intrigued but mostly confused by this new service, I guess we'll see how it goes as to whether I switch it off or not./eta


Vid rec! charmax made Unnatural Selection and it is SO COOL omg. It is a BSG/Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover (with bonus Darwin!) but I reckon you don't need to have seen either show to appreciate the sheer awesome of the editing and the story she tells about evolution and machines and ROBOT APOCALYPSES. \o/