March 1st, 2009

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Someone Else's Shoes
"This has happened before?" Gwen asked. Tosh really didn't know why she sounded surprised.
Torchwood ; Tosh, Gwen (background canon pairings) ; PG-13 ; 3500 words ; bodyswap!fic

The Shorter Hours
Merlin shrugged agreeably, self-preservation winning out over the truth of the matter.
Merlin ; Merlin, Arthur (gen-to-preslash) ; PG-13 ; 6000 words ; spoilers for 1x13

no more yielding
The first burst of snow fell on Camelot all day.
Merlin ; Morgana/Gwen, Merlin/Arthur ; PG-13 ; 950 words

VID: Glorious [multi-fandom]


Now, it's definitely a terrible idea for me to sign up for bigbangblackout, even though it is a challenge All About Sirius and it looks very well-run and I did check, and I could use an existing 'verse, and so I could, theoretically, use this as an opportunity to get into gear and finally write what is probably the last long HP story I've got in me. Theoretically. Like I said, though, terrible idea. More generally, though, I am watching the comm gleefully, it's well worth checking out!