February 25th, 2009

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ciderpress is hosting an Asian Women Blog Carnival and currently calling for submissions - of which I am sure there shall be many, and I am greatly looking forward to reading!

This carnival is intended to focus on Asian women. The definition of Asian, within the scope of this carnival, includes people from East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, North Asia, South-East Asia, Far East, Middle East, Near East and people of Asian descent living in non-Asian countries. The definition of women, within the scope of this carnival, includes transwomen and cisgendered women.

For the first edition, which I will be hosting at yennenga thanks to delux_vivens's kind offer, there is no specific theme. I would like to highlight the diversity of Asian women and topics regarding identity in Asian majority and Asian minority cultures. Submissions can range from feminism, representation, culture, history, work, activism, beauty, health, sexuality, politics, economics, philosophy, class, education, religion, how we identify and relate to other PoC groups, personal stories etc.

Please feel free to submit your own posts or suggest good posts or links by someone else for this carnival. This carnival is not livejournal specific, please feel free to participate from other journalling sites and blogs. You may submit multiple posts. Submissions from from women and men of colour as well as allies are welcome.

All types of work, such as essays, prose, poems, personal narratives are accepted.


penknife and mireille719 are running lgbtfest again! \o/! It's a panfandom ficathon dedicated to fanfiction about queer issues, identities and experiences in all environments and situations, and the results last year were fantastic. Prompts are being collected here -- do pay attention to the posting format and the guidelines about the intended focus of the fest -- and reading through those is like reading hundreds of miniature stories in themselves. The more that get written, the better!