February 15th, 2009

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vid rec!

The Guinevere vid I have been waiting for has arrived! It is by obsessive24! Happy, happy day.

Effigy, by obsessive24
Merlin -- Gwen
Put your flaming torches under me.

Gwen's own special destiny is probably the most overlooked in fandom - she's going to marry Arthur, yes, but she's going to be queen of Camelot in the bigger picture, and this vid does a tremendous job of exploring what that might mean. It's my favourite use of external footage that I've seen in Merlin vids, and joins the dots between Gwen-the-character and Guinevere-the-legend seamlessly. It's sweeping and tragic and beautiful, and OH GWEN. I adore it, and the ending is devastating and perfect.

*rewatches some more*