February 11th, 2009

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i don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now

So, it's my personal opinion that Valentine's Day is by and large a crass commercialisation of romance. (I mean, how anti-romantic is it to feel obligated to pull the stops out in order to validate your feelings on some arbitrary day?) But you can either feel angry about it, or you can co-opt it.

I always enjoy a good co-opting*.

Therefore! As I am fan of telling people that you like and appreciate and love them any time, and this Saturday is supposedly about just that? I'm there.

svmadelyn has a Valentine's Day Game, open until 6pm GMT tomorrow - you go, you email her up to fourteen valentines for eljay people you like, she posts them on the 14th!

So I'm going to go take a break from the bodyswap story I'm writing** and do that.

* Speaking of co-opting. I've never seen an episode of Smallville in my life, but I've got to tell you: bop_radar's vid I Kissed A Girl is my new favourite. Every time that bloody song comes on the radio now, I shall smile loftily, sit back, and think that secretly it is all about Clark Kent and his experiments with heterosexuality. (he kissed a girl! he liked it! he hopes his boyfriend don't mind it! \o/) Also, hilarious editing is hilarious.

** This is the year in which I write all the fic cliches, apparently? I bet a million of your finest internet pounds that nobody will guess who's getting swapped, though. It's not crack or anything (ha, okay, that's a clue, it is not at all cracky in this particular fandom), but still. You won't guess. Sekrit characters are sekrit, and also remain platonic throughout, is that very odd?