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FIC: no more yielding
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no more yielding
Merlin ; Morgana/Gwen, Merlin/Arthur ; PG-13 ; 950 words
The first burst of snow fell on Camelot all day.

Written for the merlin_flashfic first night challenge. Title swiped from Shakespare. Link takes you to the comm.

"Well, aren't you crown prince stick-in-the-mud."

Torchwood Trailer
default [trufflehog]
Okay, you can tell how much I miss my show by how exciting a full minute preview is to me, haha.

Oh, and by the way. I know there are loads and loads of spoilers out there, but I've not been reading a lot and very sporadically at that. If it's not official BBC promotional material, I don't want to know. Thanks!

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