January 14th, 2009

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01. Many kisses have been exchanged here (nearly 5000 words of them, no less) - thanks to everyone for playing!

02. In what seems to be a bus-like phenomenon, I suddenly have a collection of fic nomination emails. Fandom awards and such have always been a bit of a mystery to me, but The Rumour Mill's been nominated at the Forbidden Awards and the Quibbler Awards, while In An Interstellar Burst and the Jack/Gwen fiveways have been dropped into the current pool of Children of Time stories. If my nominators are out there, thanks! It's terribly nice to be thought of, though like I say, I'm a bit bewildered by these things.

03. There may be something appearing here shortly, but otherwise I must take my leave for a couple of weeks whilst I wrangle with some very nuisance-like examinations.

04. A few recs to end:

and there is pansies, that's for thoughts by ignipes, the most adorable Merlin story there ever was.

The Worst-Case Scenario Handbook: Harry Potter by rowen_r, which is hilarious and dead-on.

The Hard Prayer by rheanna27, a long and exceptionally gripping SGA AU that I would happily recommend to any post-apocalypse fans, whether you've seen the original canon or not, rheanna27 does such a great job of characterisation and world-building. It's 30,000 words and I could not stop reading the damn thing, much to the detriment of my evening yesterday!