January 11th, 2009

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Whoverse Kisslets! :*

(gen exchange type things getting off the ground! go see tardis_gen! proper pimping and details on their way! \o/!)

In the meantime, it is a cold, dark Sunday evening, and thus I appropriate this from thingswithwings, who is building up a collection of very delightful SGA kisslets over here.

Pick two of the characters below (an assortment from New Who and Torchwood), and I will tell you about one time when they kissed in some capacity or other. :) Repeat requests are fine, and if you see something you'd like to write yourself, do go for it!

your choices are:

Rose, Martha, Donna, Sarah Jane, the Doctor (best be Eight or later if you want to be specific), Mickey, Reinette, Harriet Jones (why do I have a feeling even her mother called her by her full name?), Jake, Tish, River, Jenny, Sally, Astrid, Lucy, Rosita, Jackson, Tom, Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Owen, Tosh, Rhys, Suzie, Lisa, Andy, original!Jack, or John.

Fire away! And for anyone who feels more like writing than requesting, how about some prompts for starters: Rose and Jenny ; Mickey and Jake ; River and Jack.

eta: So I got a bit distracted this evening, but more to follow tomorrow! The list so far:

Mickey/Jake by iambickilometer ♥!

And by me -

Sarah Jane/River
Jenny/Team Torchwood