January 2nd, 2009

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kids are swinging from the power lines, nobody's home so nobody minds

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This year I'm going to be trying to double last year's word count and writing 200,000 words, aided and abetted by the good souls at getyourwordsout. Not all of it will be fanfic, but lots will! I have lots of new things I'd like to try and ways I'd like to push myself, too. So in that general spirit, another meme that's been floating around. I am not saying anything will come of this, but you never know, and I'm definitely curious if anyone's got thoughts:

If you could force me to write anything, what would it be?
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This could explode the internet, oh dear

OMG. [BBC website; the casting news is being announced tomorrow.]

Well, you can set your watches now, folks: Doctor Who fandom is set to go batshit insane in a little over 24 hours' time. I am both eagerly awaiting the news and stockpiling building materials to construct a little fortress over here to live in for the next however long - you are welcome to join me! Fluffy cushions and DVDs and popcorn for all!

Also, this? ... the actor playing the new Doctor will be giving his or her initial reaction ... Don't taunt me, Beeb, don't you do that, I know you're not following through on your pretty words.

*waits seriously impatiently*