December 14th, 2007

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Recs - Gen, R/S, and Heroes

Argh, the ticking clock on the Yuletide website is seriously alarming. Still! That's my last exchange story now, as I have just finished emailing everything else off. *cheers*

So, let's give the folder o' recs a little shake and see what pops out!


For Want of a...
by anonymous at hp_holidaygen
PG, Marauders & co.
Summary: You know the saying "For want of a nail, a kingdom was lost"? Well, this is like that. Only different.

Oh wow, there should be more stories like this in fandom! A really fun, day in the life sort of a tale, with a spiraling and increasingly improbably chain of events making it rattle along delightfully.

Black's, at least, were dragonfly wings, iridescent green and blue. Potter's, on the other hand, were lacy little things that would not have looked out of place on a fairy. And they were most noticeably pink. Pinned to the wall, the two boys looked like nothing so much as specimens in a demented (and very large) entomologist's collection.


Detention with Professor Longbottom
by anonymous at hp_holidaygen
PG, Neville, Teddy
Summary: After hexing some of his classmates, Teddy Lupin is surprised to spend his detention having a heart to heart with Professor Longbottom.

Can Neville be my teacher? Please? Oh, this is just lovely, and does a really nice job at bringing out parallels between Neville and Teddy that I'd barely considered before. Sweet and very well-written, I do believe I shall be taking this as personal canon now.

"Wonderful woman, my gran. But she was hard on me sometimes. And it was never easy growing up without my parents. I lost them in the First Voldemort War, when I was just a baby."

Teddy looked up at Professor Longbottom, blinking in surprise. The older man had always seemed so confident…so jolly. Teddy never would have imagined that they had something so difficult in common.


The Gaudy Glow Of Neon Lights Dispels The Darkness Of The Nights
by liseuse for rs_small_gifts
PG-13, Remus/Sirius
Summary: "[A]ll of London seems to have turned out to descend on the shops and buy as much as they can possibly carry home."

liseuse does a great job of creating a whole world with very few words, creating a web of ordinary life that is wonderful to read, and the pre-Christmas rush she captures will be familiar to anybody.

Remus looks around the kitchen enquiringly. "Are the bags under an invisibility spell? No? Right. Good thing I went out then. Don't worry. I was fine. I hobbled, very slowly, down to the grocers and then I sat there for a bit as Mrs Patel fussed over me, and then I hobbled very slowly home. An old lady helped me cross the road. It may have been the most humiliating experience of my life, and yes, I am counting that hideous two hours on Prongsie's stag do."


Warm Me Up
drawn by nk_aeode at rs_small_gifts
PG-13, Remus/Sirius

This is so pretty! All sorts of lovely details in this piece of art, and yay for snuggly early mornings. :D I suspect lots of you have seen this already, but if not go, go!


And now for something completely different:

A Whistle, A Key [Heroes]
by sameoldhope
PG, historical AU
Summary: Once upon a time in New York, there lived a most curious man.

I never realised that I needed 19th century Heroes historical fic in my life until I read this! This is just fabulous, the author does a really great job at transposing all the characters into this time period, and the plot is both very recognisable and very fitting to the changed set-up. Plus, it features Sylar as a mild-mannered gentleman in a top hat, and you know that's made of win.

No, gentle reader, Mr. Gabriel Gray was not ostentatious. Nor was he boorish, dissipated, ignorant or mean. As one might expect, he met his appointments and obligations in a timely way, inconveniencing no one with a tardy arrival or premature egress. He paid into the Police Orphans Fund, spoke a little Latin and Greek, and regularly took the paper.