December 11th, 2007

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Thank you very much to snorkackcatcher, magic_at_mungos, crooked, and ladygrey_lj for my Christmas cards! :D


Video rec omg. (Boulevard Of) Broken Songs, made by hollywoodgrrl over at sync_slaying.
If Rose, Martha, Donna, and the Doctor all went to a pub together, these are the stories they each would tell after a couple rounds of the good stuff. ;)

This honestly blew me away, the song choice is wonderful, the editing perfect, and the amount of drama she manages to pack in is amazing. I've watched it about three times now, and wow. Just wow. Oh, girls. ♥


Also, a couple more of my exchange gifts have gone up, yay!! Wake Up [PG-13, NWS] by kittehkat is art for one of my wellymuck stories, and really rather lovely.

And then there's Finding Comfort by anonymous at hp_holidaygen, which is about Narcissa and Andromeda's post-war reconciliation and has some great characterisation and dialogue.


Progress being made with exchange fics, aside from yuletide (D:) I think I'm nearly done. I've got an extension on fem_exchange until Saturday, anyone with a bit of time this week mind giving a bit of fairly mild girlslash a once over?