December 5th, 2007

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Exchange Recs!

Oh, Christmas in fandom. *beams* It's shaping up to be awesome already. As is customary round these here parts, reccing shall now occur. I've read an awful lot of great things, so the below is just a small sampling. Mostly, I've been reading hp_holidaygen, rs_small_gifts and hp_quotathon so far.

First, my hp_quotathon was posted today! And it is gorgeous and wonderful and I love it to bits.

O Tannenbaum
by anonymous at hp_quotathon
PG-13, Remus/Sirius, Peter, James/Lily

Written to my prompt of a few lines from Bloc Party's Sunday, this a charming day with the gang at the Potters' for Christmas, traipsing out into the snowy woods to look for a Christmas tree, with added awkward incipient James/Lily and furtive and entirely perfect Remus/Sirius.

He ducked around a low branch that threatened to dump snow down his neck and there was Sirius, looking up at a sturdy young spruce, absently brushing his mittens together. He turned at Remus' approach and flashed him a radiant smile, brief but terrifying in its focus, and Remus felt his own face crack open helplessly in response. He wanted to kiss him. He wanted to throw snowballs at him.


While you're over at the comm, there's also some charming Harry/Ginny and a bit of Draco/Hermione you might be interested in checking out. Also, there is this:

Outwait the Night
by anonymous at hp_quotathon
PG-13, Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, Peter, Andromeda, Regulus, Dumbledore

This is an amazing, in-depth read that somehow flies by, doing a great job of evoking the wartime setting and the cracking and splintering relationships of the era. Heart-breaking in its inevitably, the author does a great job of showing their take on just how it all fell apart. The supporting characters' appearances are also really quite wonderful.

For the Marauders, he thought. Not just to bring down You-Know-Who, not for vague concepts like the ‘greater good’, but for us. For the hope that we can grow old and crotchety together, that Lily and James will have passels of children, that Sirius will keep terrorizing birds on that motorbike of his, that Peter will finally pluck up the courage to ask out a girl. For us.


Everything posted at hp_holidaygen so far has been amazing, but this is the one I want to pick out today.

A Certain Light
by anonymous at hp_holidaygen
G, Neville, Longbottoms
Summary: Alice and Frank treasured him, Augusta took a firm hand, Algie meant well, Enid understood, and somehow Neville became some part of the best of each of them.

This is beautiful, and so sad at times. A series of Christmas vignettes spanning Neville's growing up that paint a picture that seems so real, thanks to the wonderful writing. One of the stories where I want to take whole chunks of it for canon.

Alice snuggled him close, swaddled as he was in a blanket that Augusta had knit – broad red and gold stripes to wrap her baby in the future that had been planned for him. Augusta meant well, but often Alice wanted to yell that he was four months old and he hadn't even learned to play yet. Alice wanted years of playing for him before he worried about houses and spells and - please, please let it be over by then so he never has to worry about Dark Lords and wars and cloak-and-dagger operations that eat your soul while they steal your life.


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