November 3rd, 2007

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Two GO Ficlets

So, whilst I'm not actually doing NaNo this year, alas, the plan is sort of to take the spirit of the month and write as much as I can, thus ploughing through my different exchanges and also getting back to other projects. But I believe I still owe some drabbles!

faeriemaiden, yours I'm going to have to come back, because good heavens the idea of a Jack & Saffron crossover is awesome, and so I'm letting it simmer for a bit. (Also, I hate you. :P)

But here's a couple of wee Good Omens things. I really am horrendously rusty with these two.

For sunnyrea; Aziraphale and Crowley meeting with Da Vinci and multiple bottles of wine.

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For _xanthia; one of Crowley's favourite plants suddenly dies.

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