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the next chapter's this way

Ficlets - Luna/Ginny, Andromeda, and Ianto
default [trufflehog]
For fiona_fawkes; Ianto buying a really shiny red sports car.

Torchwood, G, gen, 300 words.Collapse )

Handily, this next one is something of a missing scene from the post-DH WIP of Doom (that I will get back to properly once exchanges are out of the way).

For allie_meril; Andromeda and a Black family heirloom.

Narcissa, Andromeda, PG, gen, 500 words.Collapse )

For saevemnemosyne; omphaloskepsis, and "around her neck hangs a delicate gold chain, but whatever it suspends is beneath her buttoned collar, and thus invisible."

Luna/Ginny, PG, 150 words.Collapse )

The rest on the way next week. These are working are a charm, hurrah! Exchange fic has begun in earnest, and is going well.