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FIC: Impossible Is Nothing [Doctor Who/HP]
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I unexpectedly break hiatus briefly with a bit of fic! Reveals have been posted at the ever so much fun dw_cross, and this was my story, which was a lot of fun to write and have posted just before DH was released.

Impossible Is Nothing
PG, gen
2800 words
The Doctor, Martha, Remus
Summary: The Doctor doesn't believe in magic, so Professor Lupin's about to get a bit of a surprise.
Author's notes: For hllangel at dw_cross, with many thanks to shaggydogstail and avendya for their help! Originally posted here.

'Scotland it is!' The Doctor leapt to the TARDIS controls, setting off chaotic whirring and churning that made Martha sit down a little faintly. 'Last time I was here I met Queen Victoria, you know.'Collapse )