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the next chapter's this way

Some notes
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* Happy birthday, spikeyboots! Hope you are managing to celebrate somewhere on your travels.

* I always forget what a nice response sometimes comes of posting Remus/Sirius fic. *grins* It's very strange, though, I was looking through this year's stories, and my R/S output is exceedingly small, I hadn't quite realised. One ficlet, three birthday fics, and my remix. I've written much more gen compared to last year, and dabbled in other fandoms and a larger range of pairings, which have had varying degrees of response that I always find interesting. I'm fairly sure I had more to say about this, but my brain's died, and I'm not sure it was interesting anyway.

* hp_summergen fic will be up tomorrow, I should think, tweaking is nearly complete. I do not know why I am so attached to it, but there we go.

* On Sunday I'm going on holiday for a week - hurray! - and I think for the whole of September such_heights will be in a state of semi-hiatus. With uni careening around the corner at a rate, I've got all sorts of things to do, and when I get there I'm hoping to out and about as much as possible. So, in short, I'll keep up to speed as much as I can, but I can't promise to catch every post for the next month, and shall miss things next week especially. I'll have to reassess come October, I think.

* Finally, a rec! The lovely wanderlight has written me fic!

PG, 850 words. Regulus and Sirius gen.
The last time Regulus saw his brother was on Platform 9 and 3/4.

And you should all read it, because her Regulus is utterly wonderful. :D