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1. I've had a sudden urge today to write something more for nest_of_spiders, so there may or may not be James/Lily fic coming up later tonight depending on whether James co-operates or not, otherwise it'll show up next week.

2. Christmas exchange season is beginning to be upon us, hurrah! We'll see in time how many I end up signing up for, but sign-ups for fem_exchange are now on, which I am very, very tempted by.

3. I'm offline until Monday, just in case anyone needs to get hold of me in the interim, but I think I'm up to speed on everything except one beta, who I must email, actually. *makes mental note*

4. So I finished watching Firefly recently, and am wholly infatuated with it all and shall be acquiring a Serenity DVD forthwith. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone had any fic recs? Actually, I'm curious, anyone who's passed through that fandom, what ships etc do people write, anyway? There are, after all, a fair few to choose from. I've found that I've ended up shipping Kaylee with just about everybody, so if anyone knew of some good Kaylee fic of any flavour, that would be fab - or anything else, for that matter!

5. The postwar fic I'm working on is now a little less embryonic, but I sense I'm going to run into all sorts of problems, because this is rapidly turning into the sort of thing I don't usually write.

See, I have so many interlinking ideas on things I want to write about set in the first couple of years after Deathly Hallows that it seems logical to merge them all. But this takes me into hitherto uncharted territory, namely a longer story that probably won't turn out as a one-shot. However. Knowing me, I'm a bit worried about to best work that, because I know that a) I am not very good at plotting in advance, and will often get to end of a story and have to go back and tweak all that's come before, but also that b) I probably do not have the stamina to work on something that long all by myself, and would probably be better motivated if I posted it as a WIP.

So, hmm. People who have gone down the WIP route, fancy telling me a bit about that? How do you find that works for you, what keeps you going in a timely fashion, etc? In the meantime I shall be plodding along, although how I've ended up with Minerva as the POV character for the first scene when I didn't even realise she was going to be in this story much is a bit of a mystery.