August 17th, 2007

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Three Recs

Because I've just spent far, far too much time reading all of the Msscribe wank I feel the need to do something fandom-orientated that's a little more wholesome.

hp_summergen has now finished posting, and reveals will go up in a few days, I believe, so I'll go through and pull out my favourites then. I'm tempted to rework mine a little to reflect DH, because for some reason it really is one of my favourite things I've written in ages, and with not too much effort I think it could incorporate new canon. We'll see whether I have the energy for that later, I suppose, and I'll put my pinch-hit up straight away in any case.

But what I must mention before that is that I had a very lovely surprise today by receiving a second fic from the exchange through some lovely quirk of things.

Feline Funerary Rites
by anonymous at hp_summergen
PG, Luna, Arabella Figg, Harry.
When one of Arabella Figg's beloved cats dies, Luna Lovegood volunteers a makeshift funeral service.

This is absolutely wonderful, with a brilliant young Luna, a great Mrs Figg, and a simple but very touching story.

And now, two more stories I've really loved recently.

by _thirty2flavors for nest_of_spiders
PG, Lily, James, Sirius, Harry.
The night before the Fidelius Charm is performed, Lily and James say goodbye to those they won't be seeing.

This is absolutely beautiful. I don't think I've ever read a take on this particular moment before, but this is perfect. The characterisation, the tone and the emotion of it all, it's just brilliant. Oh, and it made me cry, a response I've had to maybe a handful of fics. ♥

Putting Out Fires (with Gasoline)
by fleshdress
NC-17, Sirius/Snape, James/Lily, Lucius/Regulus, see header for other pairings and warnings.
Three stories from the same night in the same city. Just your average sci-fi cyberpunk porn with psychics.
Viewable on InsaneJournal here, or here on LJ if you're a member of daily_deviant.

This is my favourite AU I've read in ages, I cannot flail over it enough. Don't be put off in any way if you don't think the pairings are your cup of tea, for starters, because they really work in the context. This is the First War, Bladerunner-esque style, and it is fascinating and complex and just genius, really. Canon is fantastically transposed into these new surroundings, and what surroundings they are. I love this world, so much. Oh, and it's worth reading for the James/Lily segment alone, which is smoking hot.

And now to try and not get sucked back into the black hole of fandom wank. Also, I know there's a few things I should be attending to, which I promise I will get to soon! My brain's not been functioning so well today.