July 29th, 2007

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His Dark Materials, Crossover Rec, Nest of Spiders

Hmm. Fic deadlines have been creeping up on me somewhat. And when I say creeping up on me, what I mean is that I have a His Dark Materials fic and pimping essay due for smallfandomfest on Tuesday, have yet to start either, and precious little time between now and then to do them! I'm not entirely sure how that happened. However, I am on a HDM kick at the moment, so hopefully I'll work something out and not be too terribly tardy.

Whilst we're on the subject of HDM, I am now much, much more excited about the film in December having seen the super long, super awesome trailer here, courtesy of samincittagazze. :D

And Thing Three regarding HDM... my dw_cross story went up today! *squees madly* I am so thrilled someone picked my Doctor & Lyra prompt, and the result is wonderful.

The Other Earth
by anonymous at dw_cross
Doctor Who/His Dark Materials; G; Ten, Lyra, Pantalaimon

This is beautiful and heart-breaking, just the Doctor and Lyra finding kindred spirits in each other and being lost and lonely together - Lyra's POV is perfectly drawn and the amount of passionate emotion crammed into what is really a small, quiet moment is fabulous. ♥

And finally, some pimping: nest_of_spiders is back! sambethe, magnetic_pole, wanderlight and I will be taking you through next month with prompts to get the juices flowing for any and all First War-era fic and art. It went splendidly last time, and I look forward to seeing old and new faces alike. Whether you want to grapple with new canon or not, hopefully there'll be something for everyone interested in participating. All pairings and characters welcomed with open arms, and hopefully this will be another great month.