July 27th, 2007

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Flist Questions

First order of business, did you partcipate in magnetic_pole's predictions poll exchange? If so, get yourself over to join dh_predictions - or if you missed it, there's also call for pinch-hitters, whether it's post-DH fic, meta, or art you'd like to contribute.

And hi, I seem to have been friended recently! And it occurs to me there's now a whole bunch of people on my flist who I don't know nearly well enough - whether you're from the hogwarts_elite friending meme or from elsewhere recently, I confess I haven't got everyone straightened out from everybody else. To borrow a Baggins-ism, I don't know half of you half as well as I should like.

New friends particularly, though old friends are of course welcome too, I wonder if you might humour me by answering a few questions below?

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Right, back to my hp_summergen pinch-hit! Gah, I have too many embryonic fics on the brain, mostly of the post-DH variety, and it occurs to me I still really have no idea what to do for femgenficathon. Should work on that.