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the next chapter's this way

default [trufflehog]
Two fics I read today I simply have to pass on, because they're both wonderful.

Dear Alastor, posted today at hp_summergen - G, Remus, Alastor Moody. “I’ve had a letter from Professor Lupin about this class,” says Moody in GoF. This is the letter.

A fantastic take on the letter Remus wrote after his year teaching, serving to remind me once again why Remus as a professor is pretty much my favourite thing in canon. There's a lot of wonderful details about his former students, and the tone of it is spot on. I really enjoyed it immensely, highly recommended!

And I was going to post that alone, but then the following cropped up on my flist, which I'm delighted to add!

End of Days by magnetic_pole - Good Omens, G, Crowley, Aziraphale. Harry Potter hadn't seemed a likely vehicle for promoting chaos in the earthly realm.

So, those two discussing Harry Potter is made of win in any case, and this is a wonderfully funny story, but when you add on top of that Maggie's patented depth and layers, it's just fantastic. Hugely enjoyable, note-perfect in both fandoms, and I'm more than a little thrilled to have it connected to me!


Yesterday, there was Jack gen, Long Time Coming, which sort of took me by surprise and came out of nowhere. I return to regularly scheduled writing plans now - Marauders fic for trowicia is coming along nicely, as is dw_cross - when I've got where that's going a bit more concrete, I'll no doubt do some beta pleading. And all the time, Deathly Hallows continues to sneak up on us, eep!