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Remix Recs: Part the Fifth
default [trufflehog]
Part the First, Part the Second, Part the Third and Part the Fourth.


Title: Universal Safety Net (The 10 Seconds Remix)
Author: lizbee.
Summary: Rose promised ten seconds.
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Warnings: None
Spoilers: "World War 3" and "Father's Day"
Original story: "Universal Safety Net" by warinbabylon.

Read it here.

A lovely return to the early days of Series One, with great takes on Jackie and Mickey as well as Rose and the Doctor. I love the structure of it, and the way the authors plays with the ten seconds idea. It fits beautifully into lots of different pieces of canon. And you know, Nine, who I am going through a big phase of loving at the moment.

Reasons to read: If you want some good Series One fic; if you need some Tyler love; Nine!


Title: The Fallacy of Hirsuteness (The Howard Hughes Jr Remix)
Author: gunderpants.
Summary: Remus Lupin must resort to drastic measures when his friend's self-imposed exile takes a turn for the ludicrous.
Rating: PG for language
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title, Author and URL of original story: "The Fallacy of Loneliness", by lls_mutant.

Read it here.

This is ridiculous and very funny but underneath there's some fabulous characterisation and a real sense of sadness. Tonks makes a wonderful guest appearance, as does Dumbledore, and Sirius' lengths of crazy are mind-boggling and hilarious. But oh, Remus, there's so much underneath the surface of this fic.

Reasons to read: for a great Grimmauld Place/Order dynamic; for Sirius being absolutely insane; for humorous fic with a serious edge.


Title: This Widening Bed (This Bed Has Seen It All Remix)
Author: shaggydogstail.
Summary: Sirius Black, his bed, and the people he shared it with.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Rating: PG-13
Original story: This Widening Bed by wildestranger.

Read it here.

This is a wonderful idea, fantastically executed. The history of one bed, and through it all of Sirius' relationships with others. Each segment is different and wonderfully done. There's a lot of stuff packed in here, a very good read.

Reasons to read: for an exploration of Sirius; for a motif running through someone's life; for some lovely character interaction.