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Remix Recs: Part the First - a HP/DW crossover and some Remus & Regulus gen
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I really should develop a better system for going through the archive than just clicking away merrily on whatever catches my eye, but not to worry! In my sporadic travels so far I have uncovered many, many glorious things.

Actually, can I insert a quick yay! at this point. Browsing through tags and looking at how often different pairings have been written, Remus/Sirius stands out by a mile. The runner-up is SGA's McKay/Shepphard at 12, then Sam/Dean from Supernatural with 10 stories, after that there's nothing over 5 in any fandom. The pairing lives, folks! And out of the 64 HP fandom entries, 32 are tagged as featuring Sirius, while Remus clocks in a very respectable 26. Harry's down at 16 tags, outstripping his dad who's got 11. Lily gets 7 stories as does Snape, Regulus 5, and Peter only 3. Harry's the only character from his generation to pick up a significant number of fics. *shrug* Well, I think all that's interesting, anyway. Comment on fandom in general, or just the people who have heard about/are drawn to signing up for Remix? eta: It's worth noting that I can't actually, you know, read, and that those numbers aren't correct! Also, other pairings do rate higher as a percentage - thanks, topaz_eyes!

So, I thought about doing one big flaily recs post, and then imagined my poor flist's eyes glazing over as they looked for their one :P scrolled right on past my ramblings. So, take the recs in handy-dandy bitesize formats! Probably a couple of stories a day. And perhaps that might work better, and maybe even trick you into clicking a link!

Well then, here we go!


Title: Who So Loves Believes the Impossible (The Metaphysical Gravity Remix)
Author: krabapple
Summary: The more things change, the more they change. Sirius Black and Rose Tyler face brave new worlds.
Fandom: Harry Potter/Doctor Who (2005)
Pairing: Rose Tyler/Doctor (Ten); Sirius Black/Remus Lupin. Characters: Rose Tyler, Sirius Black
Rating: PG
Original story: On the Other Side by thistlerose.

Part One of Two.

Oh, this is the story I wish I'd written. It's a breath-taking, parallel universe adventure that's beautifully written, wonderfully characterised and completely engrossing. I honestly love it to bits. Sirius finds himself in Rose's world, and it's about the two of them teaming up [spoilers through Doomsday]. And the alternative versions of the people Sirius knows and has to meet all over again are fabulous and heart-breaking. Obviously it's a little bit on the long side, but set aside a bit of time, get rid of distractions and just read it.

Reasons to read: if you like both fandoms (oh, but HP-only folks, give it a go as well! I think there's a good chance it'd make at least some sense, and the Sirius bits alone are worth it); if you enjoy good AU fic; if you like epic plot; if you like Bring Back Black or Bring Back Rose stories.


And another one. I can't exactly top my fangirling of the last one, but this is really excellent and worth reading too.

Title: Not Enough (with the Someone's Future Coda)
Author: lls_mutant.
Summary: Desperation makes Regulus turn to his least favorite "person" in the world.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title, Author and URL of original story: The original story is Do You See Someone With a Future? by leiascully.

Read it here.

It's about Regulus and Remus, and so of course it's all about Sirius too, in a way. The parallels in their lives are drawn wonderfully, capturing a series of moments from their lives that are lovely in themselves, but even better contrasted against each other. Then Regulus goes to Remus for help, and oh. It is, of course, tragic, but it's a great take on Regulus' last days with some very original ideas.

Reasons to read: If you like in-depth character exploration; if you're into one-liners that capture moods and situations; if you're a Regulus and Remus fan.


More tomorrow!