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& you & me & time & space

the next chapter's this way

Trailer & Remix
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*clutches heart* Oh my. OotP trailer now online - for a split second, you can see Remus holding back a screaming Harry. Gah. *sniffs* Sirius!

Fandom! Stop having so many fun things! I really have done nothing all weekend, oh dear. And I see remix_redux is in the process of going live right now. Damn.

eta: Oh, and drabble just up for the Drabblethon here, featuring McGonagall & Lockhart.

It's the remixxx!
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I know, I know, I'm some fiendish update-y thing these days, but another post was necessary to do what is only fitting and proper - thank my remixer!

The Shores of the Sea has been rewoven into The Edge of the Ocean (The Hudson Palisades Remix), and it's lovely and changed point of view and generally full of yay.

The standard of this is ridiculously high, and I am reading like a mofo with a handy dandy bookmarks folder to hand, so expect a big ol' multi-fandom rec post of squee sometime soon. My emotions have run the gamut already, and I've only read a few stories so far! Oh, internet, how I love thee. So yeah, now I understand why everyone loves this exchange so.