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Things to do
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Current fandom activities:

mctabby's Fourth Annual Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon is now open here, I remember this being enormously enjoyable last year. Submit a prompt, get a random assignment, cracktasticness abounds!

hp_reread started Goblet of Fire yesterday. Group reading is fun =)

dw_cross sign-ups ends tomorrow; if you want to participate in Who crossover fun, head over now!

And of course, remix_redux goes live soon! *is excited* I'm sort of nervous about my story, though, am trying to resist the urge to go back and edit it because I know that's not going to make it any better.

You know, I really can't resist the shiny, shiny lure of exchanges - it's terrible! I just like the format of them, gets the creative juices flowing for some reason. And then sometimes I get really awesome assignments, like for hp_summergen, which I'm excited about because it goes quite nicely with a story I've been vaguely thinking of writing anyway, urrah!

On that note, I think I need to be firm with myself and go through all of my WIPs and either make plans to finish them, turn them into ficlets, or get rid of them forever.