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Been offline for a few days - prod me if you've posted something and you think I've missed it!

I got a rather lovely story from springtime_gen today.
Everest to Kangchenjunga for Afternoon Tea
Summary: They say the yeti is one of the most dangerous magical creatures in the world. Luna decides to find it anyway.

Yay I got Luna fic! *grins* I do not express my love for her nearly enough. This is utterly, entirely charming - fabulous characterisation, and the yeti alone makes this story worth reading.

There's a few ficlets bubbling away in the works, and then I intend to make myself dig into my WIP folder in an attempt to spring-clean, and either finish up or get rid of things, some of which have been going for really a very long time.

Still all flaily from watching Doctor Who earlier, yay!