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Recs: springtime_gen, HP crack, Supernatural crack
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Ah, I've read some good stuff today. So, recs! Do leave feedback for the authors if you enjoy =)


The Open Sea and the Sky
by an anonymous writer at springtime_gen.
Summary: "The first ever Atlantic broom crossing [was] by Jocunda Sykes in 1935" (Kennilworthy Whisp, Quidditch Through The Ages). Jocunda tells the story in her own words.

This is a magnificent piece of work. It reads wonderfully, and is a great example of really good, involving gen. Like an explorer's account, this blends HP canon and Muggle history to fabulous effect. Highly recommended!


Also, two things that made me giggle manically.


How the Brazilian Boa Constrictor Did Not Help Harry Potter Defeat Voldemort
by marauderthesn
Summary: Hermione's given Harry an idea for how to finally defeat Voldemort, but the Brazilian boa constrictor, a necessary component of the plan, has other ideas.

Short and very funny - go on, give yourself a laugh!


Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle Of Rum
by nekare
Summary: Um, crack? Sam and Dean, pirates extraordinaire!

Anyone that's got at least a passing understanding of Supernatural, go forth! Snarky and cackle inducing and all round wonderful.


Note: Said Supernatural rec does not mean I am getting involved in the SPN fandom in any way. I do not have time! Though the programme is so shiny and obsessiveness-inducing and argh. But no, I repeat. No! Why I thought it would be a good idea to start watching it in the first place, heaven only knows. But eeeee, it's great! Ack *headdesk* I am torn.