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Fic: And So Say All Of Us, for remus_reads
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Hi folks - offline until Friday, take care! Considering I was out of the house for under 12 hours today and got to skip=80, catching up will be something horrendous but never fear, I'm sure I can put off revision for that long.

remus_reads reveals went up today. Many, many thanks and love to sambethe for On Presents And Their Giving *prods you all in that general direction*

I wrote:

And So Say All Of Us
For neigedens - original post here.
PG-13, 2000 words, gen.
Summary: It's Remus' sixteenth birthday, which the Marauders ensure becomes a school-wide event.
Notes: Much gratitude to melandry for the beta.

Remus most definitely Does Not Know what's going on.Collapse )