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FIC: Brand New Waking Day [Doctor Who, Jack/Doctor]
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Brand New Waking Day
For hllangel in the twdw_ficathon Captain Jack exchange.
PG-13, 1200
Jack/Nine, Rose.
Summary: Jack's first experience of life in the TARDIS.
Spoilers: Up to The Doctor Dances, Doctor Who Series 1, leading into the events of Boom Town.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to pinkamethyst for the beta! hllangel requested "snappy dialogue, alien stuff of some kind, and a stopwatch in some form or another" - I hope this suits.

He opened his eyes in surprise, and for a moment felt wildly disorientated.Collapse )

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Lookit me, there was actually fic today! And new pairing fic too - Jack/Doctor fun for twdw_ficathon over here.

remus_reads yesterday in birthday celebrations, and I haven't had a chance to read much of it yet - been away most of the weekend, then getting the above fic ready to go, much exciting big_little preparations not to mention homework - but my gift fic was really rather lovely:

On Presents And Their Giving. A bit of PG-13 New Year's Eve Remus/Sirius fluff with background James/Lily. I sort of loved it before I even clicked on it, with that as a header. =D Perfect for a Sunday evening pick-me-up.

So what with daily things for big_little and springtime_gen, which is sort of eating my brain, it's probably all going to be a bit quiet around here - I'll try and avoid the pointless memes, anyway! Oh, and I'll probably be re-uploading my Remus/Sirius spring mix from last year when I get a chance.