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Fandom Appreciation Challenge
default [trufflehog]
I really like this idea =)

china_shop's Fandom Appreciation Challenge Day Two - rec five stories from challenges.

So many to choose from for this, but here's a smattering.


Oscar Wilde Would Not Approve by librae
PG, Remus/Sirius.
Summary: How Sirius saved Christmas and why Remus is actually illiterate.

It's funny, sweet, wonderfully characterised. Sirius and Lily start to notice things going missing from Remus' flat and investigate. This is bookish!martyr!Remus as he should be written, and it's a pacy, cracking read.

Extract: The next morning they met a block from Remus’s flat. Their own private conceptions of stealth more or less matched the other’s: Sirius was wearing a long dark coat and Lily had a white scarf wrapped around her hair. They were both wearing sunglasses. Sirius was carrying a camera. It was a bright white winter sun and they left blue shadows on the ice-glazed streets, and Sirius felt overexposed, that daylight was a spotlight for any potential witnesses, but the only people watching turned out to be pigeons. Lily said she felt sort of like Grace Kelly if only Grace Kelly had had red hair and a spine, and if only Remus had killed his wife or the neighborhood dog. Sirius did not ask.


Rat In The Corner by archon_mentha
PG-13, gen, AU.
Summary: Peter must choose between himself and his friends.

This just blew my mind, a brilliant look at Peter's psychological make-up.

Extract: Betray… The word was a taint that wouldn't be cleansed from Peter's mind; it leeched the purity of innocence from his thoughts, never to be recovered. His friends were his family, and he loved them. He wanted them to make it through the ugly war. He wanted to see Lily's baby, to hold it in his arms.

But even more, he wanted to


Voldemort's Return by magnetic_pole
PG, Remus/Sirius
Prompt: "Because" not "in spite of," rose hips, fur, comfort, reunion.

Remus/Sirius post-Azkaban through the eyes of Arabella Figg - already on to a winner there, compounded by beautiful writing in this wonderfully multi-layered tale.

Extract: Thus we fell back into our habits, a monthly visit over tea and biscuits. We talked about the cats and Mr Lupin's spring plans for his garden, about the Triwizard Tournament, and about Harry. It seems quite silly, in retrospect, that we were so excited for the boy; wasn't his very inclusion in the tournament a warning sign for us? Uncle Albus had said so, once or twice, but Uncle Albus worried about many things, and I paid him no mind. Silly me.


A Breath of Fresh Air by melandry
PG, gen.
Characters: Arthur Weasley, Perkins.

This really is a breath of fresh air. A fun look at young and eager Arthur who you just warm to instantly, and an enjoyable vision of workings at the Ministry.

Extract: Arthur broke out in a slightly silly grin. "A mission? I can hardly wait!"

Graham didn’t trust himself to reply to that. Even tea wasn't going to help him face this one calmly, he suspected.

When he returned to the office, Arthur was arranging a few quills and one or two pictures of a friendly-looking, slightly chubby witch on his desk.

"Girlfriend?" Graham asked.

"My wife, Molly," Arthur answered proudly. "She's expecting." He beamed as though he couldn't be happier two months out of Hogwarts than to have a pregnant wife and a dead-end Ministry job.


Finally, a Good Omens rec.

An Excellent Long Term Solution by bethbethbeth
PG-13, Aziraphale/Crowley
Summary: In which Hell seems more forgiving than Heaven, Aziraphale seems to have got himself into a bit of a pickle, and Crowley seems to have come up with the perfect solution, almost all on his own.

This is a lovely post-novel getting together story that hits all the marks just right.

Extract: "I can't," said Aziraphale. "I can't do...anything. Don't you understand? My side...well, they're a bit rigid about things like interfering in God's ineffable plan sometimes. Not like your lot, who I'm sure thought it was all a great laugh."

"Wait...they got rid of your wine?"


"All right, you need to start taking this seriously, angel," said Crowley, thinking this might be the appropriate time to take up pacing. "You're definitely in some kind of trouble with your people."