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the next chapter's this way

rec & exchanges
default [trufflehog]
* Hi, new people! Tea?

* Rec: minnow_53's done it again with a wonderful and heartbreaking AU fic in Magic Boy. Fab Harry gen, read it now!

* remixredux! Go forth! Torchwood people, I'm looking at you particularly - whilst I'm up for remixing something HP, a Torchwood contingent is definitely needed too, and though I don't have 5 stories yet (something that must be rectified), reworking somebody else's would be fun.

* So that's four exchange fics due in March and April (also remus_reads, springtime_gen and twdw_ficathon). Should really get cracking on those - an idea is blossoming nicely for Springtime Gen, so once I've posted this I'm going to go have a crack at that, I think.

* My connection really hates me tonight. Curses.