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re. that survey that's going around

Guys, you might want to do some reading if you're thinking about taking that fic/slash survey that's being linked in various places.

[info - personal] eruthros talks about her previous dealings with the people behind it, in which there is really a lot of Not Getting It.

They're writing a mainstream science book. They're interested in broad strokes about the human brain, the female brain, the biology that 'makes us tick' that makes us different from menfolk. (Count the problems in that assertion!) They think that the way we participate in fandom is peculiar and worthy of study, and that it will tell them something essential about our brains.

Here are people's objections and their responses. I particularly enjoy how they've edited questions in response to comments - that would be fine, if it didn't invalidate every answer they'd had before the edit. For instance, when I first saw the survey, the question about how one researches the mechanics of m/m sex didn't include 'I'm a man' as an option. o.O

If you've already taken the survey, you can go back and edit your answers - a lot of questions have the opportunity to be skipped or left blank.

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