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desktop meme

(Dear brain: You posted the vid, your work for the day is done. Please, stop being jetlagged! Frustrated love, me.)

Apparently we're all posting screencaps of our desktops this evening?

I am confused and frightened, incidentally, by all of you whose desktops are MESSY AND DISORGANISED, what madness is that?! My actual desk is a total wreck most of the time, but computer files must be sorted and subfoldered! Although I dare not click on that Documents folder on the desktop, because it is 284 documents of CHAOS and I fear it. This is what Spotlight is for, however.

Anyway. My wallpaper is almost always an awesome lady of fandom - recently I've also had Martha, Gwen Cooper, and Uhura. You can also see some very important things on there like one of my Sarah Connor Chronicles disks and a walkthrough guide to the Star Wars Wii game that has eaten my summer. (Oh, and Evolution is the beginnings of another multivid that I'm toying with making because clearly I hate myself.)

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