Amy (such_heights) wrote,

seriously, guinevere > all

I caught the Merlin S2 promo pictures when they surfaced earlier this week, and have been squeeing ever since. (I haven't really read any of the interviews etc, though, so no spoilers please!)

My thoughts can pretty much be summed up as OMG GWEN. ♥_♥

(pictures courtesy of spacefragments and [info - personal] heather11483)

(This is my desktop wallpaper at the moment. It is very distracting. :>)

eeeeeee! :D Is it September yet?

You can see the rest of the cast's promo shots in spacefragments's post here.


Also, there's a hug meme going on. There's me. I even uploaded my Martha/Jack hugging icon for the occasion.

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Tags: character: guinevere, fandom: merlin, journalling: meme
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