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five things meme, part two

Top five fandom cliches

1. BODYSWAP. I love it to a degree that is perhaps alarming.
2. Alternate universes and parallel selves and elsewheres and all that good stuff.
3. Truth serum.
4. Accidentally in a relationship!
5. Wacky alien/magical devices.

Top five pairings

1. Remus/Sirius, because it's first ship of my heart.
2. Jack/Ianto, because I seem to still be reading and writing it after everything.
3. Gwen/Morgana, because it's unspeakably adorable.
4. John/Rodney, because the fanworks are amazing.
5. Merlin/Arthur, because everyone on the show ships it.

Top five Martha moments

Gratuitous picspam time!






sunnyrea asked for my top five good LGBT moments. Seeing as Whoverse is my only real fandom with canon gay to speak of, we'll stick to that.

Top five queer moments from New Who/Torchwood

1. Jack. Waltzing onto my screen in May 2005 and being a big damn hero and travelling in the TARDIS and being evidently queer from the moment we laid eyes on him. My closeted younger self was very grateful.

2. The wives from 'Gridlock' with their record-keeping and knitting, they were delightful.

3. The Jack/Ianto kiss from 'End of Days'. That was pretty cool.

4. The bar scene from 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang', because it's such a fun homage to all those old rivals meeting scenes, all the tension crackling underneath, and because this is Torchwood, they really do make out and then punch each other in the face.

5. Martha's question to Riley in '42' about whether he has a girlfriend or a boyfriend, because sometimes it's the absurdly small, simple stuff.

Top five bad guys

1. The Cylons, BSG.
2. The Master, Doctor Who.
3. Nimueh, Merlin.
4. Gul Dukat, Star Trek DS9.
5. Bellatrix, Harry Potter.
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