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five things meme, part one

Home Team 2009 Round Two is now up and oh god, so many are so close! Like, three votes in it. *refreshes obsessively* I'll tell you who needs your vote this time: Tosh. Vote Toshiko Sato for great justice! /PSA

Here are the first batch of Five Fannish Things responses, keep them coming if you like!

The top five things you would change about New Who/Torchwood.

1. I think I can pretty much say the last hour and a half of Children of Earth and leave it at that.

2. Briefly whizzing through other sometime fails, or this could take up all five points - the disability fail, the race fail, the female agency fail, the queer fail - all been there at times, all sucky! Also, all of 'Greeks Bearing Gifts', omg.

3. Martha's arc. The structure of S3 is thoroughly out of whack in terms of developing her and the Doctor as a Team TARDIS, and in fact it's only really showcased in '42' and a little bit of 'Blink'. I would transplant the end of 'The Lazarus Experiment' to 'Gridlock', so that Martha doesn't spend a full half a season not being a proper companion. Yes.

4. MORE PROPER ALIEN PLANETS, PLS. Preferably with robots.

5. If I could eradicate Dalek Sec's face penis from my brain, I would be utterly thrilled. /o\

Top 5 awesome female characters

... only five? D:

1. Martha Jones. (she gets a list of her own in part two!)
2. Kaylee Frye.
3. Luna Lovegood.
4. Gwen Cooper.
5. Guinevere.

With special honourable mentions to Lily Evans, Teyla Emmagan, Sarah Connor, Kara Thrace, Toshiko Sato, Laura Roslin and Donna Noble.

Top five fics

Oh jeez. Okay, this is just off the top of my head:

* The New Atlantean Dictionary of Literary Terms: A Complete Reference in Four Volumes by [info - personal] thingswithwings [SGA, various pairings]
True story: I was gathering up some John/Rodney clips a while ago and I was looking for a scene that I simply could not find in any episode! Then I realised that it was because it's actually the first scene in this story. I love it very much.

* With Half the Flick and Twice the Magic (Day One) by sheafrotherdon and ninjajab [HP, Remus/Sirius]
This story is HILARIOUS. It makes me laugh so, so much, and I adore the characterisation beyond the telling. (Remus! Oh, this Remus is just my favourite ever, it's so unusual and totally perfect.) It's my go-to happy place cheer up story.

* Of Heroes by wanderlight [HP, Regulus]
I got this in beta, many moons ago, and was utterly blown away. Regulus is my favourite minor character in all of fandom, and wanderlight has this unerring ability to tell the exact stories I want to read.

* Que Samsara, Sera by valderys [Torchwood, Jack/Ianto]
I was never a big follower of the immortal!Ianto genre, but this is absolutely fascinating and beautifully written, sad and strange and hopeful. Now, post-CoE, I hold it closer to my heart than ever.

* Onfindan by astolat [Merlin, Merlin/Arthur]
I love all of astolat's Merlin stories, and this is my favourite. It's sweet and funny whilst also being magical and epic, spinning something amazing out of the show and the legend.

Top five Potter moments

1. Scabbers turning out to be Peter Pettigrew in PoA. The moment that the series delved into whole new depths, I think.

2. The entirety of 'The Forest Again' in DH. It's like JKR wrote that scene specifically to make me happy. Also to make me cry and cry.

3. That first trip into Diagon Alley.

4. The scene in the hospital wing at the end of GoF, with Sirius there and Harry clinging to Molly and trying not to cry. Oh, my heart.

5. "It unscrews the other way." *g*

Top five Merlin moments

1. Gwen giving a flower to Merlin - because purple suits him! - and then handing the rest to her girlfriend Morgana. *heart*

2. Morgana's trousers of kickass.

3. Merlin inna hat.


5. Noble sacrifice goblet-drinking of true love!

... yeah, I'm sorry, apparently I couldn't pick serious moments for this one. :D
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