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ST Rewatch -- first episode

This week's episode on the Star Trek Rewatch is ... *drumroll* 2x15 The Trouble With Tribbles. Thanks to everyone who's shown an interest so far!

FAQs, both hypothetical and actual

How can I watch the episode?

If you don't have a copy of your own, CBS have all of the original series on YouTube.

'This video is not available in my country'.

Allow me to introduce you to my friend the Hotspot Shield. It's a program that, when activated, reassigns your IP address, which means you can bypass country-specific IP restrictions.

It's not working/streaming's not a good option for me.

Send me a PM or an email at such.heights at gmail dot com, and we'll figure something out.


What schedule are you working on?

Here's the provisional timeline. Every Friday, I'll put up a post for the episode of the week. On Monday, I'll post a summary of everyone's contributions, and a poll determining the next week's episode, the results of which I'll announce on Tuesday. That's three small/cut posts a week, which hopefully won't make the rest of my flist feel too murderous towards me. The schedule is subject to change if it turns out another system is going to work better.

How do I participate in the rewatch?

Comment on the post sometime over the weekend with anything you'd like to share -- parody, fanworks, graphics, screencaps, meta, thoughts, whatever you like. You can share directly in the comments, or just give us a link to your own journal -- a write-up, for example. Alternatively, just read along! There is no minimum or maximum level of contribution. You can also post on any episode post any time you like, if you find yourself with something to share sometime later -- I'll include comments to older posts in my weekly round-up.

But I don't have a Dreamwidth account.

Leave a comment with your email address (which I can screen afterwards). I have one code myself, and if anyone else has spares to offer, feel free to check the comments here and see if you can help a fan out!

I don't want a Dreamwidth account.

OpenID is a system over many journalling and blogging sites that allows your LJ account to be validated so that you can leave comments. OpenID on Dreamwidth also allows you to track entries, receive replies to comments, create a reading list, and upload up to six icons. Alternatively, anonymous comments are enabled on this journal, though I would ask that you sign a name so we know who you are!


Why are we starting in the middle of Season 2? What do you have against continuity?

The episodes I picked for the first poll were ones that I've seen recommended in the past/fan classics, which I thought would be as good a place as any to start. I'm still figuring out what to do in the long term -- I don't we should necessarily watch each episode, I'm sure there are some that could be skippable, and I'd welcome your thoughts on that. Everyone's going to have different ideas on how to do this, I hope to find a system that works for the majority. Next week, however, we'll go back to the beginning. There'll still be a poll, mind you, as ST:TOS had a few different starts.

My question is outside the limits of this post!

Leave a comment -- all questions, corrections and suggestions are welcome.

... and finally

Several people expressed interest in group chats etc, which sounds like a lot of fun but I don't know how compatible our time zones are. Something to work up to, perhaps? In the meantime, you can use this post to comment with a brief introduction if you'd like -- your history with Star Trek, other fandoms, the timezone you're in, anything that springs to mind.


See you on Friday!


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