Amy (such_heights) wrote,

VID: We Go Together [Star Trek]

We Go Together
edited by such_heights
fandom: Star Trek XI
music: 'We Go Together', Grease OST
summary: "Remembered forever like shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom..."
download: [mediafire]
stream: below.
notes: I'm really not even embarrassed about this. Hey, I didn't inflict the megamix on you, that's all I'm saying.

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Tags: fandom: star trek, vid
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The grin on my face could not be any huger right now. This is brilliant. I hadn't realized just how much of the movie Kirk spends hanging onto things by his fingertips, LOL. My favorite part was when you cut all the different characters running like hell through the ship -- fit the music perfectly.
Haha, I am so glad you enjoyed it, thank you!
Gotta love the "Kirk-hangs-from-shit" montage, hahahahaha. Really well synched, and great scene selection - fun vid!
Thanks very much! :D
Ahaha, AWESOME. Love the Kirk-almost-falls-off-things sequence (like everyone else in comments, apparently? well, it's clever and funny and great) and the closing moments especially.
I'm delighted it worked for you, thank you!

Deleted comment

Hurray for happy vids! Thank you very much. :D
That is sheer, unadultered GENIUS. Oh, man. OT7. Great, great job. I love the sequences of the crew running through the ship.
Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.
This is so amazingly them that I can't even describe it. Fantastic idea, loltastic, and I just can't stop grinning after watching it. ^^
Hee, thank you very much!
Wow, I think I'm in love. I seriously watched this five times in a row. Bravo!
:D I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thank you!
This is the coolest thing ever. They really are a great team. :]
Belated reply here, but thank you so much!

Deleted comment

Thanks so much!
Oh my gosh, this was adorbes. Loved it!
:D Thanks so much!
I've watched this an inordinated number of times today because Oh So lovely and grin-making...

but a question: who's shaking hands at 1:54?
Thanks so much! And that's Kirk and Pike and the end ceremony.

Deleted comment

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thank you!
Oh my God! This is such an amazing video, I almost keeled over when I saw the number of comments (all deserved obviously) it got. I love the your editing here, so very dynamic, and maybe especially how you edited all the 'Kirk is hanging of a cliff" parts together, it amused me when I realized how many times he was in a situation like those in the movie.
Thank you very much, I'm gad you enjoyed it!


August 2 2010, 06:36:06 UTC 8 years ago

okay - so this is just entirely adorable and wonderful and MANIC - which I think describes the new team beautifully, because at the end of the day only Spock and Chekov were really supposed to be on that bridge and everyone IS FLYING BY THE SEAT OF THEIR PANTS SCREAMING.

but mostly, I loved that there's no shot of grinning Bones at the end. because Bones never has happy happy joy joy - he just has his sexy scowl on all the time. -flail-
:D Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I was linked to this by a friend. Wanted to let you know that it was a pretty awesome video. *watches again*
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