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in which I take the weekend off to flail about Star Trek and make a vid

Hi! Guys. I went to see Star Trek on Friday. This was a BAD IDEA. Because I loved it and so obviously I had to come running back to fandom and read reaction posts and fic and so on. So, don't mind me, I'm just popping in, hunting around for team!fic and then disappearing off again. Oh, and posting a quick something in a bit. :D

Aw, I had so much fun. I'm a huge Star Trek fan from way back when, although I never watched TOS much. In any case, this film was all nostalgic and warm and cosy and delightful. There was some genderfail and some plotfail and a lot of ridiculousness but I enjoyed the heck out of it.

I adored the whole cast -- I think that Spock, Uhura and Sulu were my favourites, but Chekov is the best and most adorable puppy, Karl Urban totally brought it as McCoy, Simon Pegg was obviously having the time of his life, bless, and I could make fun of Kirk FOREVER.

I am finding a lot of marvellous, glee-inducing fic. By all means send things my way if you have recs! I am shipping everyone with everyone. In particular, is there any Sulu fic? Or anything ensemble-y? Eee, team.


Seeing as I've snuck out and broken curfew anyway (I'm so grounded later), a few links and things:

springtime_gen reveals are now up. A lot of great genfic there! I wrote a story for chibitoaster about Ollivander and Luna, Heartstring. [G, 1750 words, in the summer after the war, they need wands again.]

magnetic_pole is hosting a couple of rec communities that will be running in the near future:

api_recs, reccing media about Asian lives outside of Asia, starting tomorrow and running until May 31st -- sign up to rec something yourself here.
lgbtq_recs, reccing queer-themed media throughout June -- sign up to rec something yourself here.
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