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MWPP Ficlet for magnetic_pole

For magnetic_pole from here.

MWPP gen, 475 words. I quite like this one.

Sirius hadn’t really thought much of Peter. Still, he was James’ friend, which made him tolerable. However, even Sirius was impressed when Peter came bounding into the room one day, full of excitement.

‘What’s the matter?’ James asked.

‘I have just found-‘ Peter paused to catch his breath, ‘the way to get into the kitchens!’

They all hurried down the corridors, until they reached a fruit bowl painting none of them had ever paid much attention to before.

‘Tickle the pear,’ Peter urged. ‘Go on!’

Sirius did so bemusedly, and was delighted when the panel moved away to reveal a busy elf kitchen.

Some of the elves scuttled towards them, bearing trays of food.

‘Master Black!’ one of them cooed. ‘We is not seeing your family down here before – an honour, sir!’

Sirius scowled, but was appeased when he bit into a scone. Useful sort of chap, that Peter.


James hadn’t stirred from behind the curtains of his bed all day. Lily had rejected him once again, so there didn’t really seem to be any point in doing anything.

Peter stuck his head in. James glowered at him.

‘I’m not in the mood, Wormtail,’ he snapped.

Peter looked unperturbed. ‘Just found out her favourite flowers are white roses. Thought you’d like to know.’

James leapt out of bed and grabbed Peter, much to his alarm.

‘You are a true friend, Wormtail!’ he cried before sprinting down the stairs.


Peter ran into the Common Room and threw himself onto a sofa near the others.

‘I’ve just escaped being eaten by Mrs Norris! It’s like she’s stalking me or something… She must have a map tracking my every move.’

Remus sat up suddenly. ‘What was that?’

‘I said, I just escaped being that bloody cat’s dinner!’

‘No, no,’ Remus said impatiently, ‘the other bit.’

‘Err… she must be tracking my every move?’ Peter looked confused.

Remus’ eyes widened. ‘Fellow Marauders. I have just had the single best idea of my life!’


Sirius stood in the empty flat, staring around in wonder.

‘I’ve had a word with my uncle – he says you can move in whenever you like, and he might even be able to come to an arrangement about a reduced rent. – just say, and it’s yours!’

Sirius was already envisaging the posters, the parties, the pranks.

‘Wormtail,’ he said solemnly, ‘do you know what this is?’

Peter shook his head.

Sirius waved his arms around grandly. ‘This is freedom.’


‘You’re really sure?’ James asked.

Peter nodded, looking more serious than James had ever seen him. James shook his head in amazement.

‘I don’t know what to say. Thank you.’

And as the spell was cast, James felt indescribable. Here was another person who didn’t even hesitate before risking his life to protect him. Suddenly, he was enormously thankful for having old Wormtail around.

A/N: Oh dear, I am sorry about the last one.

Doctor Who next, on Saturday most probably.
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