Amy (such_heights) wrote,


oh my GOD. I have been mainlining this show just so I could watch the finale on time, and then I ended up staying up too late and watching it, and now it's nearly 7am and I haven't slept yet and I don't think I can for a while because I am SOBBING MY HEART OUT. *flail*

LAURA! KARA! SAM! And oh god, Tyrol, and I was so scared for a while that the Agathons weren't going to make it, and BALTAR made me cry, what the hell. (I kind of love him now, this is new and sudden and disturbing.)

I have no coherency, nothing, I have no brain left after all the copious weeping. Aaaaaaaah this SHOW, good grief. I started losing it at the beginning of the Opera House reveal - EPIC - and I didn't really stop.
Tags: fandom: battlestar galactica
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